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  1. I've never thought marriage was a forever thing and never will but then again, i don't believe in the institution. I love the going to a councellor about if marriage was right. exactly something I would the end, if i ever made the mistake of getting married, if it lasted 1 year i would be beyond shocked so anything over that would be bonus….i guess.

  2. Just one comment: America is so obsessed with the idea that everyone MUST go to college. Not everyone is capable of the demands of university classes. Or are you considering /including those who end up in junior COLLEGE classes for the disabled.Perhaps, and hopefully, this country will realize that what is needed areVOCATIONAL SCHOOLS.

  3. They are targeting my comments – any and all. I feel sorry for them – so full of discontent and grade school antics. Most of all – cowardice – hide behind anonymity. I really think H.S. should intervene.Well-loved.

  4. As hard as it may be for a member of the bigoted society we live in to understand, for most people children aren’t objects of sexual desire and when we see a naked child we just don’t give a crap. Unless it’s funny. Then we laugh.

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  6. Hey, that’s a clever way of thinking about it.

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  9. You’ve managed a first class post

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  11. Por favor ja trabalho com semi joias, e a muito tempo gostaria de montar um atacado neste segmento, ao invés de comprar p revenda fornecer p lojas venderem, mas não tenho ideia por onde começar, gostaria q vocês me desse uma luz obrigada

  12. mmang style luaran..tapi kalau dapat update dalaman aku rasa lg power..kereta polis ni patut kene upgrade dalaman lagi power..tambah gadget” yg boleh membantu kerja” dorang..apa pun aku harap dapat dijaga n pakai lama la kia forte ni..jgn skrg je gempak lepas 2-3bulan tak basuh tak jaga alamatnya jadi tukun la… :-[)

  13. நிச்சயமாக நாங்கள் தீவிரவாதியே எங்கள் உரிமைகளை கேட்பது தீவிரவாதம் என்றால் நாங்கள் தீவிரவாதியே எங்கள் மக்களின் உடமையும் உயிரும் சேதப்படுவதை தடுப்பது தீவரவாதம் என்றால் நாங்கள் தீவிரவாதியே எங்கள் பெண்களின் மானம் காக்கபாடுபடுவது தீவிரவாதம் என்றால் நாங்கள் தீவிரவாதியே எங்களின் கல்விக்காகவும் சமத்துவத்திற்காகவும் அரசியல் உரிமைக்காகவும் போராடுவது தீவரவாதம் என்றால் நாங்கள் தீவிரவாதியே எங்களின் மதஉரிமைக்காக நியாயம் கேட்பது தீவரவாதம் என்றால் நாங்கள் தீவிரவாதியே அடக்கமுறைக்காக எழுச்சி பெற்று போராடுவது தீவரவாதம் என்றால் நாங்கள் தீவிரவாதியே!!!!!!

  14. Daniel, you put me to shame with this article. As one who has lived and worked in Indonesia I am well aware of the genocidal regime.The deceit and the cunning of these people is beyond belief. I only wish I had your writing ability to put such an article together.Terrific, all of it, and so true!


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