Fighting for the future! Looking forward to 2014 JavaOne conference! US, I’m coming! I’m so happy to get my hamster.swf moving again today :P


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  1. You put the lime in the couonct and drink the article up.

  2. If she stays in and Owens beats Hoffman in a squeker, we need to remember who the GOP bigs were who set her up and then didn’t get her out when the handwriting was on the waill…. esp Gingrich who was great in 1994 and totally wussed out thereafter, and supoposedly thinks he deserves consideration for President

  3. jajaja, si que he gozado con esta experiencia, sobre todo con la imposibilidad de romper el hielo con el cierre “tratarlo en otro momento” definitivamente una cordialidad de extremos…Tu voto: 0  0


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